The four packs can't seem to get along, even when their predators are growing in numbers, and hunters are starting to move in. Can they survive?
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 The Black Roses

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PostSubject: The Black Roses   Wed Dec 30, 2015 9:37 pm

Alpha Female: Chayanne

Beta Female:

Delta Female:

Hi, I'm alpha Chayanne of the Black Roses. The Black Roses currently has one member in the pack. We may not be exactly welcoming to rogues or loners, but that's just us. We are known as the train till we die pack. We train, constantly, even in the small things like hunting and play fighting. I may be a young she~wolf, but I can run this pack better then any male wolf.

So, onto our history. Our pack was founded by one of my ancestors, Koma, a she~wolf born from the first alpha pair. After she split away from her original pack, Koma made this pack, The Black Roses. She chose the name due to the famous Black Rose Forest surrounding the pack's camp. Koma's pack took only a short time before it became full. A few months in, the territory became full of predators. Full of bears, and even mountain lions. They pack was able to fend them off, with a great cost. The life of Koma's fellow pack members. Just a month later, Koma and her mate, Lukas, had their first litter of pups. Koma died, just like her mother, on her pups second birthday.

The Black Roses territory has lots of prey now days, however the growing population of predators makes finding it hard.
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The Black Roses
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