The four packs can't seem to get along, even when their predators are growing in numbers, and hunters are starting to move in. Can they survive?
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 The Plot So Far

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PostSubject: The Plot So Far   Wed Dec 30, 2015 7:15 pm

Centuries ago, the first wolf pack was created, The Whispering Oaks. The social order was created and the wolves who were apart of the pack were placed in ranks. The Alpha pair, Hunter and Leylani, were already expecting pups within a month of creating their pack. The pack was excited. Pups would mean more mouths to feed, but they would also bring happiness among the pack members. The Beta, Moose, wasn't as thrilled as the others, and within a week of finding out, had left the pack and made his own Rogue Pack. Moose had left because he wanted the alpha position when Hunter either died or retired, but with pups on the way, he wouldn't be able to. One of the alpha's pups would take the role as alpha. The former beta threatened the Whispering Oaks pack, going as far as to say that he would kill their pups when they were born. The alpha pair, fearing for the safety of their pups, had banished the beta from their territory. Moose had declared revenge on Hunter and Leylani. When Leylani had her pups, (Four boys, one girl) she kept them in the den, fearing that if they left the den, Moose would come for them (which started the pups must stay in the den rule). When they were finally able to learn how to be alpha's, they were already showing signs of leadership skills and alpha qualities, the girl was even finding herself to be more of a fighter then an alpha, as she knew how to fight. However, despite that, she still wanted the alpha position, and would even fight her brothers. The decision was hard for Hunter and Leylani, who really wasn't sure who was more deserving of the role. They figured that Ross, the oldest male, should get it, as he was to be stronger then the other four. The second oldest, wasn't thrilled about this. When they turned 1 and a half, Winter, the second oldest male challenged his brother, despite that Ross wasn't even the alpha yet. The challenge didn't end on a good note, as Winter was killed just  seven minutes in. Leylani was also falling ill, and didn't want to see her pups like this. She begged them to stop all the fighting, as the remaining four pups would accuse the other of Winter's death. Leylani had died when the pups turned two. The four, mourning over the loss of their mother, finally stopped talking all together. Hunter had resigned and Ross took over the pack. Ross turned the pack into killing machines. Before long, the pack was renamed. Ross's siblings left the pack along with some pack members, who even left their mates behind. The other three siblings (excluding Ross) created their own packs, promising new beginnings for the pack members who had followed them. This was how the four packs were born. Moose had died not too long after all of this. He was killed in a vicious battle between his pack and Ross's.

Now, however, the packs' predators are growing in numbers for unknown reasons. Will the four packs survive? How will they overcome this obstacle? Will they form an alliance, or continue their fighting until the end?
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The Plot So Far
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