The four packs can't seem to get along, even when their predators are growing in numbers, and hunters are starting to move in. Can they survive?
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 The Rules!

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PostSubject: The Rules!   Wed Dec 30, 2015 4:37 pm

Hello! Welcome to the site. Well, like every roleplaying site, there ARE rules! Read these simple rules and continue on to bio's if you don't have any questions. If you have questions, feel free to ask, we don't bite!

1) Cussing (cursing)- I don't mind if you curse, but don't over use it, ESPECIALLY not in the rp. I personally would rather you not to curse in the roleplay, but if you choose to do so, don't over do it, please. Chatbox = feel free to curse.

2) Approved Character- Before you are able to roleplay, you must have an APPROVED bio.

3) Controlling others Characters- DO NOT CONTROL OTHER'S CHARACTERS. It's their character to control, not yours.

4) Absences- If you have been absent for more than a month without a single post and without placing it under 'Absent', then you will be banned from the site.

5) Realistic- I understand this is semi-realistic, as we do talk. But, I do not want to see character shooting out fire balls are something.

6) Killing-If you decide to for whatever reason kill another persons character, you MUST have the owners permission. If your character dies, you are able to make a new character.

7) Characters- You're able to have more then one character, but the max is 2.

Cool Dodging- While in a fight of any sort, the max amount of times you're able to dodge is three during the WHOLE fight.

9) Mary Sue- No body is perfect. No animal is perfect, therefore, why should yours be? It shouldn't be perfect. It should have a balanced amount of strengths and weaknesses.

10) Posting- Your post should be 3 lines long. I understand if you can't think of words so its a bit too short, but if the mistake keeps happening, we will warn you.

11) Posting again- DO NOT post in the roleplay sections, brb, or something out of the roleplay, that is what the chatbox is for.

Thanks for reading and becoming familiar with these simple rules! You're now able to create your bio! Have fun!
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The Rules!
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